About Us

Manufacturing Organization «Termoblock» is a group of companies of CJSC «Stroyenergo». The company «Termoblock» was established in 1991. A wealth of experience in all areas of activity has been amassed for 25 years. A permanent base of suppliers has been formed, an exemplary staff has been selected, production and services have been worked-out.

Our reliability is a guarantee of your success!


  • Development and production of heat and gas supply equipment.
  • Audit and designing of automated block heating stations (BHS), central heating stations (CHS) and boilers.
  • Production, mounting, commissioning, setting-up, warranty and service maintenance of BHS, CHS and boilers.

The companies have all kinds of licenses for the above listed types of activities.

Stability and high dynamics of development of our organization is a result of continuous optimization of production, quality control, improvement of reliability as well as learning to use the latest technologies.

Our factory of the total area of ​​10,000 square meters, located in Minsk, produces a wide range of heat-power equipment.

CJSC «Stroyenergo» MO “Termoblock” produces and supplies the following items:

  • Ball valves for water, steam, oil and gas
  • Plate heat exchangers
  • Block heating stations
  • Control cabinets
  • Regulators of heat consumption for heating and hot water supply
  • Control valves of different purposes
  • Check valves and safety valves
  • Strainers, mud filters, gas filters
  • Pressure regulators and differential pressure regulators.
  • Water-jet elevators
  • Steel flanges
  • Galvanized steel structures of any complexity and sizes, etc.

All the products listed above are provided with safety and health certificates as well as conformity certificates of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation. Specifications of ball valves conform to API standard.