Ball valves BVCOG

(For crude oil and gas)

Designed for use as a shut-off device on pipelines transporting crude oil and gas. The valves are available in flange version. Specifications of valves BVCOG comply with the standard API (American Petroleum Institute). The body of ball valves are cleaned with shot-blasting and covered with two layers of zinc before painting.



*Production of valves of other construction lengths is possible by agreement with the customer. Example of designation: ball valve for gas of high pressure, nominal diameter DN 100, nominal pressure PN150 – Valve BVCOG-100 Pn150 PN150

Standart design features:

Anti-blowout stem.
Double block and bleed.
Anti-static design.
Automatic sealing seat design.
Automatic pressure relief system.
Triple steam seal system.
Seat sealant injection fitting.
Stem sealant injection fifting.
Fire safe construction with secondary metal seat.