Ball valves BV

(For water, steam and air)

Designed for use as a shut-off device on pipelines transporting water, steam and air. Shutoff class is A according to GOST 9544. The valves are produced of two types: type 1 is flange; type 2 is welded.
Specifications of valves BV comply with the standard API (American Petroleum Institute).
The body of ball valves are cleaned with shot-blasting and covered with two layers of zinc before painting.

Overall dimensions


Specifications, part 1


Specifications, part 2


*Production of valves of other construction lengths is possible by agreement with the customer.
Example of designation: ball valve for water, steam and air, nominal diameter DN 50, type 1 (flange),
nominal pressure PN20 –Valve BV-50-1 PN20

The Republic of Belarus No BY/112 03.06.002 16314 dated 28.03.2011 (ISO 90001);
The Russian Federation No С ВY. RB01.В.00505 dated 25.04.2011.