Heat consumption regulator


Designed to automatically maintain the temperature of water in hot water supply systems and air temperature
in ventilation systems, as well as automatic regulation of heat consumption in heating systems according to the
specified heating schedule depending on the outdoor temperature.
The regulator can operate independently or as part of multi-level control systems, with which it is connected via serial
interface RS 232.
The regulator is designed for operation in closed explosion-proof rooms with ambient temperatures from +0 to +50 °C,
the relative humidity should not exceed 80% at the temperature of +35 °C.
The regulator consists of a microprocessor control unit manufactured by the company “Danfoss” (Denmark),
temperature sensors manufactured by the company “Danfoss” (Denmark), and one or two control valves truck
(DN 15, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 80) manufactured by Manufacturing Organization “Termoblock «. Depending on the number
of automated systems the regulator can be single — or double-circuit.
Marking of the regulator depends on its purpose, numbers «1» or «2» indicate the number of circuits, the letter «P»
indicates the function of the pumps control, the letters «H», «V» or «HW» indicate the abbreviated name of the systems
of heating, ventilation and hot water supply for each circuit.