Ball valves BVG

(For natural gas)

Designed for use as a shut-off device on pipelines transporting natural gas of high pressurein accordance with GOST 5542. Shutoff class is A according to GOST 9544.
The valves are produced of two types: type 1 is flange; type 2 is welded.
Specifications of valves BVG comply with the standard API (American Petroleum Institute).
The body of ball valves are cleaned with shot-blasting and covered with two layers of zinc before painting

Overall dimensions


Specifications, part 1


Specifications, part 2


*Production of valves of other construction lengths is possible by agreement with the customer. Example of designation: ball valve for gas, nominal diameter DN 50, type 1 (flange), nominal pressure PN20 – Valve BVG-50-1 PN20

The Republic of Belarus No BY/112 03.06.002 16314 dated 28.03.2011 (ISO 90001);
The Russian Federation No С ВY. RB01.В.00505 dated 25.04.2011;

Resolution No 08-645-2011 dated 09.06.2011 of the State Industrial Inspection of the Republic of Belarus for the right
to manufacture and use in the Republic of Belarus.
Permission to application No RRS 00-20395 Federal service for ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision.